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Hi guys!
I've read that the level/gain knob is not a simple volume knob, and that the best setting is near the "U"; however for me the 12 o’clock/U-setting is too loud and I have to turn it way down, almost to the "MIN".
On the manual it's recommended to "avoid settings above U if possible", and "feel free to turn the Input Level control down a bit—but not so far that you have to crank your audio source’s output level to its maximum setting": it doesn't say to avoid "MIN" setting.
When I set a good gain staging, my audio interface volume knob does not even pass 12 o’clock with the Sceptre to "MIN", so the question is: is this "unity thing" essential (as working with the old analog stuff, VUmeter-like, etc) or is the important thing to not go above "U" and even a "MIN" setting is good?
Thank you :thumbup:
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by shanabit on Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:44 pm
I set mine to MIN on the input gain and will use the output of my interface to set my listening level using pink noise. I dont like the white noise when at Unity Gain so I set mine to mine.
The goal is to keep your noise out of your speakers and at the same time give you the correct dB level at the said listening position

Same thing you noticed there BTW. Baby BLASTS at Unity gain


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