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Very Shame !! that noise is built in with th speaker !! poor engineering and lack of the basic monitor construction knowledge , i can't believe a company like a presaonus make such a problematic monitor !! and they still advertising and selling it !!
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by hristianrevenski on Wed Apr 21, 2021 12:06 am
I have the same problem with my Eris 5. Bought them in Fevruary. After many different attempts and exclussion I realized that the problem comes from my desktop PC.
I use desctop PC , old Tascam US 122 II audio interface and RCA cables (unbalanced).
The same audio interface and RCA cables insearted in other computer (labtop) - no any noise - good sound ! The PC insearted in the same electricity plug - noise !
It comes somewhere from the video card, power block or....I don't know inside the desktop PC box. All additional devices or balanced cables - I think will not make any effekt.
But ! ! ! Why other sound devices like guitar amps or speakers have not the same problem in the same configuration ?!?! Only Presonus !?!?
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by damiankinowski on Tue May 11, 2021 7:46 am

I have the same problem however I've verified that cables (standard TLS) are fine, so does my 2i2. I have plugged my Focusrite to a laptop and issue is gone. This means that as in post above, there must be something with the box of PC, something that makes the whole issue and I have no idea what it is, any suggestions?

Power source doesn't matter it seems, I've plugged them to a power socket on the other side of the room than PC is - still the same, any suggestions here if it is not cable, distance nor anything similar, that can be specific to a PC? Scarlett 2x2 does not have any drivers to configure, you can download something to change the buffer size etc but that also didn't help
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by damiankinowski on Fri May 14, 2021 8:57 am
I have fixed the issue by buying Proel 2x Balanced Cables XLR to TRS
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by aspa on Sat May 15, 2021 3:05 am

was thinking about buying them :roll:

Einsteiger - Studio One 5 Artist
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by hristianrevenski on Fri May 21, 2021 3:31 am
Recently I saw this videos:



Pleace read the comments below the videos. Sounds pretty encouraging ! ! ! It seams the problem is not only in Presonus monitors but in all brands.

Behringer HD400 - I still waiting this device (I ordered it before two weeks) because it is not available in my country. I hope it will solve the problem

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