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Eris - 35 Bassy sound

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:48 am
by celticaster

No expert here just a hobbyist. I have S4 Professional been using it for a while, with an audio box USB and PS 49 - just decided to add some monitors - went for the 35 watt entry level Eris.

My questions is about how boomy and full bass they are (I felt the same way about the Presonus headphones that came with my audio box and keyboard - now I like a good bass but I like the clarity of the HI's to be heard also) . I don't have a proper studio set up with acoustic panels and I have dialled the bass acoustic correction all the way down and the treble all the way up.

The issue I have is that they are advertised as having great clarity and definition - but all I here is muddy sound - and WAY too much bass. I can correct this with an EQ in the mix but then when I render it and listen back on some other device it is WAY too trebly.

I know they are flat response for accuracy and uncoloured sound etc but how are you supposed to mix anything to sound good on playback devices (home stereo, car etc) when you have to mix on these? - I gave up with the presonus headphones and started using some cheaper ones from Maplin when I mix using them them is sounds so much more real, and when I then render the file is sounds close to the bass and treble levels I heard inside.

So, with the Presonus kit it seems I have to mix how I like it to sound on those speakers then when I am finished, I then have to go back and boost the bass and drop the HI's (by a guessed amount) in order for it to sound ok on any other equipment - is this right?

If it is then is there an EQ preset I could use at the end that automatically applies a suitable profile ( - or a suggested standard levels - i.e drop bass by XX? and raise treble by XX?

Any help would be appreciated

many thanks
Ian, Wales, UK

Re: Eris - 35 Bassy sound

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:15 am
by matthewgorman
I think its your room that is boomy, not the speakers. I just recently moved, and have the same issue with my new room. Everything was fine prior to the move.

I would look into room treatment options, and start with the corners of the room.

Re: Eris - 35 Bassy sound

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 1:06 pm
by celticaster
Hi Matt, thanks for that, I don't think it is the room, OK room set up won't help and the speakers are on a desk which probably makes it even worse - but I had the exact same problem with the headphones (and they are closed back ones), the room is not a factor there - just seems that Presonus hardwear is configured for heavy bass - there just does not seem to be any clarity or definition