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Hi all,

I have been using Eris 4.5 for about a year now. This issue first appeared a few months ago.

Occasionally, the monitors will produce an extremely loud noise without any warning signs prior to the "explosion". Based on the level and the kind of noise I'm guessing it's digital rather than analog, but I'm not sure at this point. A few things I have noticed:

- When playing back music through Studio One, with the monitors hooked up to my FireStudio, the playback levels in Studio One don't suddenly peak: they remain normal while the loud noise is audible.
- When playing music from my MacMini, with the FireStudio switched off and not powered (monitors receiving signal from the headphones out port on the MacMini) this sound also occurs.
- If I switch off the monitors as the sound is audible, it stops. This makes sense. However when I then turn the monitors back on even with nothing connected to them except power, they explode again after about half a second of near silence.
- I have not yet noticed this issue while using headphones, and I use headphones more often than the speakers. They are Sennheiser 280 Pro plugged into the FireStudio headphones out.

I'm not sure yet whether the sound is only coming from the "main" monitor or also from its twin, if you know what I mean. I don't really want to do extensive testing because the sound really is extremely loud and horrible, bad for my ears and I'm sure for the speakers as well. I'm worried it's an issue with the monitor because the noise still happens even with no cables attached, but I can't be sure.

A screenshot of my system's info is attached, not sure if it's relevant though. I initially thought this might be caused by a faulty driver (because the sound seems digital to me and not analog) but now I just don't know. If you need any more information, let me know!

MacMini system info.png
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