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I'm noticing constant static buzzing from my Eris Sub8 when it's plugged in the mains, don't think that's expected. I tried all the outlets in the appartment, will try the basement next. I do have other speakers, and no buzzing can be heard.

Just guessing but could it be the power transformer in the sub that's causing this?

Any ideas what else I can try, and what to do next, as this doesn't seem good to me?
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by matsbohman on Tue Jan 11, 2022 4:42 am
Did you get this solved?
Just bought an Eris Sub8 as an addition to my 3.5's. And yes, there is an instant and distinctive humming for me as well.
It doesn't sound or behave as a ground loop issue. This seems to be some kind of disturbance from the PC. My sound changes when doing different things on the PC, like scrolling on a webpage etc.

As soon as I unplug my USB96 device the humming stops.
I run with a good set of balanced wires, and the issue is the same with RCA cables.
I have also tried running the RCA cable through a ground loop isolator, but the humming remains.

I tried three different USB cables, including one with ferrite cores. Still the same.

Yes I know, this isn't any kind of high end equipment, but one could expect better than this. There should be some kind of filter in the Audiobox interface, preventing this.

Left to try.
Running the balanced signal through a DI box.
Buying and testing an USB isolator.

Right now I'm in the state of probably returning the subwoofer, since I can't sit here all day with this background hum/noise.

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