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Hi Folks,
About to purchase a pair of Eris 5's for my room. I have an awkward set up that can't really be adjusted. So desk is close to wall behind and wall to my left.
I know that there are settings on the back that determine -3 -6 and so on for different speaker locations on the desk. However,

Yes I can put clothes and so on behind the speakers but...I still need to make certain to balance low's and mids etc. As sound will still bounce and rumble

I see from the pics of the Eris Models that they come to my door with settings for lows and mids set at 12 o'clock for both (straight up)
To me this seems like it wouldn't correctly represent the actual sound, as it would be a sort of smiley EQ curve.
It is exactly for this reason why I don't want or use sub woofers. My goal is to not create "Mud" when working with tracks like guitars, vocals, snare and so on that all compete for the same relative space.

So what would be a close to accurate settings to offset bouncing and reflection of low end without simply cutting the gain. I'm seeking to get a balance that will be accurate in spite of set backs of room design.
Headphones fooled me too many times even when being painstakingly careful and careful watching of levels and extensive usage of VU Meters and Level meters to make sure.
Would something more of an 11 o'clock/1 o'clock be closer to accurate? Or something that would be closer to a high pass type of EQ?
All advice, suggestions and ideas are welcome. And thanks...it's good to be here in this forum.


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