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I have my SL 16.0.2 USB as the audio device in Reason 11 and Reason sees all I/O from it but I can not get the main output from Reason to go out there the mains on the mixer, I get nothing? I have the drivers for Mac OS installed.

I have the USB button pressed on the main channel and tried the Main button also still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.
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by SwitchBack on Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:45 am
With the 16.0.2 there's no direct route from computer to the mixer's main outputs.

There is however a direct route via USB1&2 to the control room/headphones outputs (using that usb button you pressed in the mixer's monitor section).

So for a direct route from your DAW's main output to your monitors I suggest you connect your monitors to the control room outputs of the mixer. That still allows you to listen to the mixer's main output (by hitting the main button in the monitor section) and/or listen to solo'ed mixer channels too (by hitting the solo button in the monitor section).

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