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What's the best way to hook this up? I have a 24.4.2 board, running into a snake, and I want to feed two wired IEMs with two separate aux mixes. They do not need to be stereo, in fact I can't do stereo because I don't have enough returns on the snake.

Do I need a headphone amp to do this? I have an Behringer HA4000 headphone amp kicking around which can run separate mixes, but the outputs are just headphone outputs so they're not balanced, as far as I can tell. The snake is at least 50 ft. This would mean I can't set this up at FOH, but rather need it on stage?
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by SwitchBack on Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:02 am
Hi and welcome :)

Yes, realistically speaking you need the headphone amp and you should set it up on stage. Depending on the headphones the auxes can drive headphones 'a little bit'. But when things get louder it won't be enough, especially when you want to keep things balanced (by connecting the phones between the tip and ring connections). On the auxes only the tip connection provides a signal. The ring connection is passive, only providing impedance balancing for the cables (which is perfectly fine for a balanced input on the other end).
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by matthewgorman on Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:21 pm
Tell us a bit about the IEM's you are using. If they are powered units (like the presonus hp2), then mono out from an aux will work just fine on its own. IEM's are nothing more than a monitor that you put in your ear. If you have a powered monitor, all it needs is signal. Same for IEM.


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