StudioLive 2442, 1642 and 1602 with Universal Control Ai, SL Remote & QMix
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Hi guyes, I usually mix ITB. But have taken the plunge and purchased a SL 16.4.2.

I will generally be recordino bands so desk Inputs would generally be used up.

I'm have trouble figuring out how I can use a patchbay with it. I have recently purchased several pre amps as well as the warm audio pultec eq'a etc.

I don't mind recording in dry but how do I use outboard compressors eqs and pre amps when mixing the recorded tracks. I am aware I would need a patch bay but can't get my head around how to do this. Can some explain this to me?

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by SwitchBack on Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:02 pm
Hi and welcome :)

You cannot use the mic inputs and line inputs at the same time. You can use the mic inputs and the inserts at the same time. So you can set up a line level patch bay from the inserts. For half normal:

One trs plug (from the insert) wired to two (top and bottom) trs sockets. Connections:
- plug tip to bottom socket tip break contact and top socket tip
- plug ring to bottom socket tip
- plug sleeve to both socket sleeves and bottom socket ring
- top socket ring (via 51 Ohms resistor*) to top socket sleeve.
*The optional resistor will make the top socket (output) balanced for impedance.

The bottom socket (input) will not be balanced. That shouldn't be a problem when cables are kept short.
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by barrysanders1 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:06 pm
Is there not a patch bay I can buy and connect outboard with inserts? Wanna ovoid soldering etc
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by fabianvasquez on Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:35 pm
I've been looking for answered to that question for weeks with no answer, your supposed to be able to use your outboard gear with studio one 4 with pipeline xt plugin but his the hell do I hook it up to my interface which is a studiolive AI, I can't get a st reigns answer for the life of me I'm about to sell all my digital gear and go back to analogue it's frustrating as !!$&);:!$k!!! Pleas someone help before I throw my gear out the window!!!
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by SwitchBack on Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:44 am
If you want to avoid soldering then you can use a Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 patch bay and standard 2xTS-to-TRS Y-cables to the mixer inserts. Or you can fit the patch bay with NYS-SPCR1 send/return modules and use standard TRS patch cables to the mixer inserts.

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