StudioLive 2442, 1642 and 1602 with Universal Control Ai, SL Remote & QMix
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My 16.0.2 was purchased new, installed in a non-smoking, air conditioned studio. It failed after two years in service (loudly, and with nasty smell). I pulled it and replaced with an analog mixer, that was over a year ago. I cracked the case today to repair the 16.0.2.

What I found:

... a computer. Further inspection revealed exactly what I would expect to find in a computer overcome by heat: Burned regulators and puffed/exploded filter caps on the +5V rail. The switching power supply board itself is damaged and would have to be replaced (burned, lifted pads). The fault rippled out and damaged components on peripheral boards. The +5V rail does all the work in a computer's power supply, and therefore generates the most heat.

What I did not find:

A fan.

When I google the problem, I find that a bunch of other people have run into basically the same problem on multiple Presonus digital products. I can see that if I repair this, it will recur as the accumulated heat degrades and eventually destroys the +5V regulators and associated filters.

Can someone please explain to me why I should replace this with a new StudioLive mixer? Has Presonus learned yet that computers need some type of active cooling?
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by SwitchBack on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:26 pm

The new generation of mixers have either a fan (xx.4.2AI mixers) or large external cooling ribs (RM mixers).

Having said that I own a classic 16.4.2 mixer for many years now and never had a power supply problem. Sometimes it is simply bad luck (e.g. a marginal batch of caps).
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by on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:38 am
Thank you Switchback. I have more to report. Further inspection of the control surface board shows all six of the 2200uF 10V filtering caps are burned, leaking or bulged out, and the glue applied to their bases burned and separated from the board. These filters are rated to higher voltage then the CMOS logic components so presumably the entire board is toast.
Under normal operating conditions, and after only two years of life, my 16.0.2 appears to have completely self-destructed. :thumbdown: is an understatement. The one part I can salvage: the fuse - its fine.
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by SwitchBack on Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:49 am
Well, I suggest you submit a support ticket.

After two years your mixer is probably out of warranty but (at least in the US) PreSonus charges a flat bench fee for repairs out of warranty. For that they replace everything that needs replacing, do a 100% check and give one year warranty on the repaired unit. Not bad considering the extensive damage.
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by guerillacross on Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:18 am
So I had the 16.0.2 board burn out on me 1month AFTER the warranty expired. So I took the loss on it and bought a new one thinking it was just a faulty device. Well tonight during a LIVE VIDEO / RADIO stream, the new on that I've had for 11months (1 month before the warranty expires thank God) burnt out again the same exact way! I had BOTH of the boards in the same exact place in my indoor non smoking studio space and have never moved them, so this isn't something that was caused by any "user error". We don't eat or drink around the studio equipment either. This is very frustrating and I will most likely never buy a Presonus product again because of this (and because of how their customer support was the first time). How does a $1,000 product not even last a year?
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by SwitchBack on Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:36 am
Maybe because something is not quite right in your studio? The usual suspects are overheating (by blocking ventilation holes or by placing the mixer in a hot spot) and something with the power outlet (grounding, swapped live/neutral, powerstrip on/off together with other gear).

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