Studiolive 32Ai, 24Ai and 16Ai Consoles with Universal Control Ai, SL Remote Ai, and QMix Ai
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I'm not a teckie...looking for some advice...

My current setup:
Studiolive CS18AI control surface
AVB switch
Studiolive RML32AI X 2
so 64 channels of direct inputs...

I also have two 8 channel Audient ASP880's from my old recording system which I haven't turned on in a couple of years (but they still are 100% working). They appear to have the same Burr Brown preamps as the RML32ai's. Would they sound different? Should I sell them?

Is there a way to increase the recording input channels by adding a Presonus rack mount firewire unit? I may not be able to access those channels via the CS18ai faders, but hopefully theoretically they would show up in my recording software ( Bandlab...). Be great for drums.

Also, when I record with RML32ai's, the recorded signal is very quiet, like 20db low. It's a mystery why....

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by wahlerstudios on Mon Mar 09, 2020 6:50 am
The "StudioLive AVB 64AI Mix System" was the second "64-Input" but first "64-Input Networked Mixing System" and it needed AVB for cascading the rack mixers. The AVB Switch was needed to add the CS18AI controller and activate audio on the CS18AI. 64 input channels was the maximum, but also 16 aux outputs, because it was not possible to "cascade" outputs. Recording was done on the "Master" rack mixer via FireWire. The CS18AI was able to handle all 64 channels (button D) - and many more in DAW Mode. 128 tracks was not a limit.

There is no chance to expand the 64 channels and if your system works, don't change it and use it as long as you can! I don't know what the new firmware will bring (beta version available since January in the Forum), but low recording levels have never been a problem of the CS/RM systems. Check Gain settings and raise them if needed. That should help. Also check and compare Capture as the "natural" recording software for PreSonus equipment. The integration of PreSonus software is just great!

I don't think the Audient preamps would improve things. The problem of the former PreSonus mixers has never been preamps, but processing. If you take a recording made via a legacy StudioLive mixer and play this recording into a Series III mixer, you will right away notice a drastic difference in sound. Therefore my advice is be to use Studio One and DAW Mode to improve the mix. You can also use DAW Mode in a live environment, for example to replace the four effects of the rack mixer. ... Mix-System ... /downloads

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