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Studio One E-Meetup - California
by PreSonus Audio Electronics

Hang out with Daniel Kenney, Curt Bisquera & Perry Tee and talk about music, production, mixing & of course Studio One!

This E-Meetup will be hosted via Zoom! Join using the following link: (Passcode: s1meetup)

Because this is a digital event, anyone is welcome to join - even if you are not from the area.

It's all down hill from what's in front of the microphone. - Bob Olhsson

Studio One 5.xx Pro
***Optoplex i7 @ 3.4 ghz 32 gig mem running Windows 10 x64 Pro
*** Levono E520 with Win 10 x64 Pro
***Studio rig - MOTU Ultralite AVB*** Audient ASP/880***
***Mobile rig - Antelope Zen Q***
***Soundtoys/Plugin Alliance/Izotope/Slate/Nomad Factory plugs***
and....Lots of Outboard gear cause Pipeline is your friend

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