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very excited about the arrival of the DAW
many thanks to the presonus team.

i am a very old composer.
i was cutting and splicing 1/4in tapes in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
before most of you were born. (1980)
the only computer music was the fairlight CMI and the Synclavier.
and the cheapest of those would cost you more than a block of flats on the gold coast.
and the only computers were valves and Eproms.
if you wanted to do music you had to write the program yourself.
a z80 computer with no colour and 8k of memory would set you back $3,000.

so think yourself lucky.
what you do with a mouse click would take me six weeks with a pair of scissors
a whole spool of mono 1/4in tape.
and half a reel of sticky tape.
no hard feelings - make your music teacher proud !!
enjoy :-)
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by Bbd on Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:49 pm
Welcome Wollongong!

Hey, I did my share of 1/4", 1/2", and 2" tape splicing back in the day. I know exactly what you are talking about!

Glad to have you aboard!


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by themaartian on Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:13 pm
Greetings, Rohan. Welcome aboard!

Some of us are older than you might think. I grew up on black and white TV. My first job out of college had me programming PDP-8E computers (12-bit octal assembler; last DEC computer with a wire-wrapped motherboard; 3-pass paper tape assembler; 1 MB, 14" hard drive). And I was controlling a highly radioactive beam with them (at the Fermilab accelerator).

Those, too, were the days.

Wollongong! That, too, takes me back. The drive from Sydney is gorgeous. Did some work with the water utility there.

I don't know if Wollongong is further south than Sao Paulo, Brazil or not. If it is, it's the furthest south I've been on our wonderful planet.

I got to love Aussie blues. I got to meet and talk with Mal Eastick. Wonderful blues guitarist. And I got to see the Bondi Cigars and a Mighty Reapers CD release concert (Robert Susz' band after the Dynamic Hepnotics (I have some of their music, too)).

Those, too, were the days! :D

I need to use the word "too" one more time. :P

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