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I am getting ready to record a band on Monday and I have an issue. Setting the levels on my 1818VSL for the 1st 8 channels is working as normal, On an sm57 my dial on a channel; might be set at about 2:00 (60%) before clipping occurs. (An appropriate range with flexibility)
But the 8 channels (ADAT) on the D8 require almost full volume .....5:30 (90%) to get the same sm57 to the same volume or near clipping level.
Im sure this is wrong....it leaves no flexibility in setting levels.
Very concerned that I get this settled over the weekend before the band pulls up.....
I have the d8 and 1818vsl set correctly....vsl1818 is master with internal clock....44.1 Khz
D8 is External clock with 44.1 Khz.....ADAT and BNC cable are attached.... and all recording works....just the levels are screwy.....
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by Teledeluxe on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:29 am
This is my reply to your old post.
Looking at the specs of the 1818VSL and D8....
The 1818VSL has a gain range of -15 to +65 dB
The D8 has a gain range of -4 to +50 dB
So, there's 15dB more mic gain available in the 1818VSL than in the D8.

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