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I'm in the market for ADAT expansion for my RME UCX. I don't necessarily need the Preamps at the moment. I'm looking for line in expansion for Synths and drum machines. My question is this...
when using the XLR inputs as a line input does the signal bypass the preamp? Is it important to bypass the Pre? The preamps may come in handy down the road but i just need line in for now and at this price point the D8 seems like a good deal.


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by cristofe on Fri May 12, 2017 2:42 pm
"My question is this...
when using the XLR inputs as a line input does the signal bypass the preamp?"


"Is it important to bypass the Pre?"

If you're using line level ins yes, of course. The D8 does NOT have combo jacks.
So you would, of course, be using the 1/4" line level inputs for line level signals and
the XLR jacks for mics.

This is all outlined in the manual:



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by SwitchBack on Fri May 12, 2017 3:01 pm
I don't think the D8 has line inputs so the mic inputs will have to do. Which means that the signal will pass through the preamps. The best way forward is to use DI-boxes to go from line level to preamp input level. That also ensures correct input impedance and removes the risk of sending phantom power to the input sources.

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