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Hello everyone.
I have the Digimax D8 (new and just received it) connected by firewire (and 30 feet BNC cable in SYNC IN) to a Yamaha 01V96i mixer.
When I use the external clock feature on the D8 (EXT led is orange and 48k is green) no sound is sent to the mixer (mixer is set to its internal clock 48k). If I push the clock button to INT 48k or 44.1k, then sound is sent to the mixer (wrong world clock message appear in mixer).

If I use the internal clock of the D8 (mixer set to external ADAT clock) everything seems to be fine for about 4 or 5 minutes then the sound cracks and stops intermittentally (D8 is connected only by Firewire).

I have a DANTE MY16-AUD card installed in the mixer. The problem is the same if I unconnect the card and use the USB instead.

My DAW is SONAR Platinum

I can't figure out what is wrong and I'm not an expert on the matter (it's my first post on this forum). :reading:

Thanks in advance !

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