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I've discovered that the balanced channels (back) on my new D8 have as much as 10db or more difference from channel to channel.

Looking for a way to tweak these to be more even - internally? Not via just the front knobs.

The real world scenario is that when I have a stereo input to any side by side channels the gain on the front will create an even and proper balance only if one is all the way down (to the left) and the other is as high as 10-11 o'clock, relatively speaking. That's mighty uneven. (Yes, I could try to figure out the best matched pair for the stereo source, such as channel 3 and channel 8, but that seems wrong...I shouldn't HAVE to do that.)

Tested with mono sources - switched channels, cables and sources, and even used a Y to send the same signal to two channels, to make sure the issue is with the preamp. Have used both pink noise and sine waves. It's not frequency dependent.

Metering on the D8 shows the issue, as does a simple listening and all metering down-chain.

Yes, changing the gain on the front is the workaround. I'd just rather be able to set the channels to the same gain and have them at least a little even.

Using the D8 via the ADAT into a ZOOM UAC-8, synced via BNC at 44.1K

Thank you!
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by kellycraven on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:42 pm
Does anyone from Presonus read these posts?
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by matthewgorman on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:50 pm
This is a user forum. I recommend a support ticket if you need/want the answer directly from them.


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