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Have many problems with the new layout and input mode compared to the old version ...
Handwriting input was my selling point at the time.
It took me hours to enter a single part into a blank BigBand score (less than 100 bars).
Now, often the app stops responding, sometimes I have to wait 10 sec or more for a single written measure to be converted.
Often the app crashes after minutes of freezing and also repeatedly several times can not be restarted. The only remedy at the end is a total restart of the iPad Pro.
When the app works it's great, but only for a few moments?
Then - as a conclusion - it is not usable for serious work ;-(.

Anyone here who can confirm this behavior or is this just my problem?

iPad Pro 12,9" 1st Gen
iPadOS 15.7.1
Notion Mobile 3.0.4
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by helenmorgan on Mon Feb 27, 2023 4:22 pm
Yes, it renders everything useless, until the program makes the decision to wake up. Have found many features to be very difficult to navigate compared to previous version, plus it seems impossible to find any real help,other than the installation,info etc. Not happy!

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