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Hi Experts!
(I'm sure this is a misunderstanding on my part.)

I have the USB Revelator mic running latest FW ver. 1.42. Windows 10 Pro.
I also have a USB audio interface connected to my pc. (I've tried 3 different USB audio interfaces with the same results.) All audio has been routing through the USB interface prior to the Revelator mic install and setup.

Scenario 1: Revelator mic is selected as my default playback device in Win10.
When using the Revelator mic, if I want to hear all the other computer audio not going through Revelator mic like a video on YouTube, I must have my headphones connected to the headphone port on the bottom of the mic. Everything plays through the "Playback" input. I am unable to find a way to also get any audio to play through my computer monitors or headphones attached to the USB audio interface.

Scenario 2: USB audio interface is selected as my default playback device in Win10. Headphones are plugged into the audio interface.
In this scenario, all audio is heard through the monitors or headphones plugged into the audio interface except any voice audio going through the Revelator mic. Universal Control sees everything from the mic and shows activity. But I cannot find a way to get the audio out from the Revelator mic.

I guess I'm wondering why I can't leave the USB audio interface as a default and still get the input from the Revelator mic going though my headphones which are plugged into the audio interface (not the bottom of the mic.) Main reason for this is that the audio interface has 2 separate headphone jacks and volume controls.

(Again, I'm sure I a misunderstanding something here about routing.)


Do I have the answer in the other post titled "Revelator in Studio One only as microphone despite Studio 68c interface"?
Is the only way to do this via a 3.5mm to TRS cable from mic as a line input into the usb audio interface?

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