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Hello dear Studio One users,

I bought a PreSonus Revelator so that I can add sound to my videos via VoiceOver in Edius.
This works wonderfully because I can select the microphone as a source in the VoiceOver menu. This doesn't work so easily in Studio One, does it?

Revelator is not listed as an audio source in Studio One, but as an audio device.
My audio device is Studio 68c and I want to keep it that way.
Nevertheless, I want to use Revelator as a microphone and not as an audio device.
How can I drag Revelator into a track without changing the audio device?
I want to create a track with my voice using Revelator, but listen to the audio via my headphones, which are connected to Studio 68c. The near field monitors are also connected to the Studio 68c interface.
I don't want to always have to change the audio device to use the mic and then switch back to the Studio 68c interface. Is this possible?

Kind regards

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by SwitchBack on Sat Jun 26, 2021 12:55 pm
Well, in connecting to the outside world Revelator is an audio interface, not a microphone. An since you’re probably on a Windows computer you cannot use two interfaces at the same time.

Maybe with a little creativity there’s a way around this. When you have the Revelator send the mic signal straight to its own headphone output then, using a 3.5mm mono to 6.3mm mono jack cable, you can plug that signal into one of the 68c line inputs. A bit left-field but it will work.
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by petergaede on Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:22 am
Holy moly,
that's really tricky. Thanks for the advice.
I'm currently trying another variant using virtual loopback of the Studio 68c.
I could imagine that the programmers of Studio One could find an elegant solution. Integrating this mic into Studio one with FAT channel etc.

Thanks for your solution
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by PAE Seth on Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:15 am
There is no solution that isn't a workaround/hack.

Audio Programs on Windows can only use one ASIO audio device at a time. This is how it's always been. You need a Mac, as Core Audio allows audio device aggregation.

Why not look at the Revelator IO24? Same DSP but you get an actual interface that is the SAME guts as the Studio Series interfaces. Not the same I/O, but could be worth the switch.

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