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I'm an analog guy in a digital world and I need your help :) It's hard to test this by yourself with two computers because of the latency in Zoom itself.

On Windows 10, I want to use the Show Page to play back some studio backing material while using the Revelator to add acoustic guitar and voice and send it all out - in sync - on Zoom. Hard to test on my own because of the Zoom latency. Right now I have the mic on the mic of course, Studio One on Loopback 1 and Zoom on loopback 2 coming into the Universal Control Revelaor mixer. I can hear everything fine in the "Phones" setting. Not sure what my config should be for the "Playback", "Loopback " and "Loopback 2" so that the listeners on the other end of the Zoom call get everything delivered in sync and nothing is doubled or cause for feedback.

Appreciate your advice.

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