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I would like to know if the Atom SQ reflects keyswitches from Studio One as LED colors. So, if there are keyswitches for the selected instrument, will this be indicated on the Atom SQ somehow?

If yes, does it also work for third party VSTs (as long as I defined keyswitches for them)?
Is it possible to use different colors for the keyswitch indication on the LEDs, e.g. to reflect the common keyswitch colours in Kontakt?


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by Baphometrix on Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:44 am
3rd party plugins do not get any special coloring on the pads. Just the root notes of the scale, shown in a color that matches the instrument track's color in Studio One.

I don't use any Studio One instruments other than Impact XT. AFAIK tell, only XT drum machines get any special coloring on the pads. Whatever color you set a specific cell (pad) to on the XT itself will be reflected in the pads.

I don't know of any Presonus instrument patches that have keyswitches defined for them. (Again, I don't really like any of the stock native Presonus stuff other than Impact XT.) If you can specify how to find a Presonus instrument and preset that has keyswitches defined for it, I can take a look.

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by 60s Pop Man on Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:48 am
Presence, the sample playback instrument in S1 uses key switches. Instrument presets with Full as part of the name - Vintage Bass Pick Full or Cello Full, use key switches which are identified by red lines on the Presence keyboard.

As far as I can tell, key switches are not indicated on the SQ.

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