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How can I trigger Sampletank4 with the Atom SQ? I wanna use the ATOM-pads as a keyboard.

Related question: Can I use the Sampletank files in native instruments like Presence and Impact XT or do I have to use the standalone Sampletank plugin

Would appreciate it if someone could help (I'm 66 and learning..)

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by philoligario on Tue Oct 12, 2021 5:03 pm
Hi Matthijs,

If you are in Sample Tank 4 standalone mode:

Your ATOM should be switched on and the presonus logo in green (Midi mode)

Select and load a sample in ST4

In the main window you should see your loaded instrument (see attached pic)

Change the midi channel to 10 for that instrument

On the ATOM press and hold 'Setup' on the right

Press pad 2 (Keyboard mode)

You should now be able to play the notes in ST4 with the ATOM.

I think ST files are in a format that can only be read by ST so you won't be able to load them in NI etc. but I'm not 100% hopefully someone else can confirm.

Good luck

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