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I've been looking to upgrade my older audio interface, and became interested in ioStation24c. (especially, since I'm using Studio One for my projects) A big concern for me is the latency (since I'm tracking guitars and vocals a lot) - I can't find info online on how good it performs on that front.
My current setup has a roundtrip latency of 15ms at 128 samples and around 11 ms at 64. (the detailed screenshots are in the attachments) I guess my machine adds about 2-3 ms in there, and the rest is the audio interface itself. (although I'm not completely sure how that works)
Anyway, how good does ioStation24c perform on a roundtrip latency scale?
Do other Presonus interfaces (like PreSonus Studio 1824c, for example) have same or different latencies?
(I know Quantum series have way better latencies, but I can't use a thunderbolt interface just yet)

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by yansytin on Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:15 pm
Ordered the interface! Will make sure to post results here
Although it might take a few weeks to arrive
I'm hoping for something around 6-8 ms at least on 64/128 samples...
Will find out first hand, I guess! :D
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by yansytin on Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:50 am
Well I've got the interface and happy to report that latency dropped by quite a lot in comparison to my previous one!
The latency is slightly higher on Mac for some reason, than on WIndows. (by about 3ms) Not sure why yet, but I'll try to investigate.
BTW, absolutely love the preamps, sound on my monitors and headphones (especially) noticably improved. Haven't dug into the controller part yet but I'm sure it'll greatly improve my workflow. Thanks! :thumbup:


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