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Longtime user of iConnectAUDIO2+ which PreSonus just stopped supporting properly with their buggy Auracle software. Finally got to the stage where I could use the microphone fine but couldn't get sound to output (in Windows). Decided to upgrade to ioStation24c (as I use StudioOne quite a bit and Notion and wanted to stay in the ecosystem), thinking that newer hardware would be better supported. Boy was I wrong, and this thread shows that PreSonus clearly don't listen or care, as it's July and I just had the same problem, with no response from them yet...

The inputs and outputs work fine in StudioOne, and I can use the output (headphones) from windows, but I can no longer get the input via windows. The "Mic/Inst/Line In 1/2" and "Virtual 1/2" devices show no levels, so clearly there's a problem. That's why you can't use the mic in Zoom/Teams/etc. too.
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by craigdean on Fri Jul 09, 2021 9:34 am
Potential fix:

Search for "Fix audio" in the Windows taskbar, you will see an option for "Find and fix problems with playing sound" this is the recording troubleshooter. Run through this. In my case it said the Default Format wasn't set correctly, which is bizarre because it definitely was set to "2 channel, 24 bit 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)", however after applying the fix, I then got sound through.
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by mycbeats on Mon Jul 12, 2021 5:18 am
On Windows, the audio format settings are a bit of a juggling act.
Sometimes just switching from the windows menu to 44.1khz and back to 48khz will solve issues.

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by anupamdas2 on Tue Jun 07, 2022 3:33 pm
my studio one cant connect with my io station 24c. I expected online support. I found presonus have the worst customer service... they are so uncooperative, shame on their business policy.

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