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I've been looking to upgrade my older audio interface, and became interested in ioStation24c. (especially, since I'm using Studio One for my projects) A big concern for me is the latency (since I'm tracking guitars and vocals a lot) - I can't find info online on how good it performs on that front.
My current setup has a roundtrip latency of 15ms at 128 samples and around 11 ms at 64. (the detailed screenshots are in the attachments) I guess my machine adds about 2-3 ms in there, and the rest is the audio interface itself. (although I'm not completely sure how that works)
Anyway, how good does ioStation24c perform on a roundtrip latency scale?
Do other Presonus interfaces (like PreSonus Studio 1824c, for example) have same or different latencies?
(I know Quantum series have way better latencies, but I can't use a thunderbolt interface just yet)

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by yansytin on Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:15 pm
Ordered the interface! Will make sure to post results here
Although it might take a few weeks to arrive
I'm hoping for something around 6-8 ms at least on 64/128 samples...
Will find out first hand, I guess! :D

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