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So I bought, sold and then rebought ATOM. I didn't want the SQ because it's so much larger and I really don't need that.

I also have the sub to "Groove 3" and noticed, quite by accident that they have an ATOM section.

Holy moly, guacamole! I mean, I had NO idea you could do that much. It's way more powerful than I thought, and it was already powerful enough. AND, I'm not even half way through! :readit:

Between the ATOM and my Nektar (soon upgrading to the T series me thinks) it's just heaven.

What a great job of useful integration. And no, I do not get the retriggering many others have. I used to, but it seems to be fixed and I use it every single day. I've been up since 2:30am playing with ATOM and Reason+ inside Studio One 5.4. I cannot tell you how impressed I am.

Between all of it, and the ATOM is a bit of a headliner, it's been a really good day.

Now I've probably jinxed it :lol:

Studio One 5.4, Win 10, I4770K (no OC), 16GB ram, RME Babyface Pro. Also an Atom original with latest firmware. Also Reason 12.2 that I mostly use as a rack plugin.

Good god, it's brilliant.

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