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I'm wondering if any of you use Atom Pad together with Atom SQ. .
I'm using NI Maschine as a midi controller and want to switch to Atom SQ. Main reason to switch to Atom SQ is ability to work with step sequencer, but I would also be able to use fingers for program drums.
My question is:
Is Atom SQ enough for finger drumming? If is not enough, should I keep my NI Maschine or maybe there are some additional benefits of using Atom SQ togeter with Atom Pad?

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by Baphometrix on Tue Nov 10, 2020 9:03 am
Finger drumming on the SQ pad layout will not be nearly as ergonomic and simple as finger drumming on a 4x4 pad layout like Maschine, the original ATOM, etc.

The SQ is great for a variety of reasons, but finger drumming isn't one of them. It's perfectly adequate for blapping in bits and pieces of a drum pattern while you're overdub recording, but it won't make for easy live performance finger drumming.

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by larsfrueauff on Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:23 am

I use Atom and Atom SQ both together wit S1 V5.1 and it runs fine.

Fingerdrumming with the SQ is not the thing to do. For this the Atom works fine.

Hope it helps :-)

Many Greetz

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by tytune on Sun Jan 17, 2021 4:47 pm
When i added atom sq into my system i lost all my atom created songs connections. so i had beats there but not the ones i used.... inherently ruining all of my work. now atom no longer switches pads between different presets it just holds the first preset. Cool ideas with a wonky approach. Can we please get a Default to impact only option for the atom and a default to mojito to atom sq option. so on and so forth so this software works more fluidly ? At this point i'm in Cubase starting over because all my cool looking atom stuff is in a box :(

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