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Atom SQ has been out for a while now. I am wondering what the users think about it after being able to use it for some while now?

I have a regular Atom pad that I like a lot and it's a nice balance having 16 quality pads to play on and buttons and knobs making it easier to get things done in Studio One...I would have no need to add the SQ unless I really want the extended scale range? (I can see using that feature but wonder how useful the little pads are compared to regular keyboard keys..mpe support is nice however..also there is no way to hook my expression pedal into it so i still would need my a49. I also use a Native a49 keyboard.

I dont wish to overcomplicate things and the regular Atom has worked out great as there wasnt much of a learning curve to it and I have found many uses for the pads....I think I;ve just answered my own question, but am open to changing if it makes sense
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by Baphometrix on Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:48 am
The features, size, and form factor of the SQ are great. Makes for a really good companion with the Faderport 8/16, with not too much overlap in functionality. The FP faders are still a far better way to control VST parameters (through assignment via Control Link), because the granularity of the knobs on the SQ is too fine-grained. Which requires to you twist and twist and twist a knob to get through the full value range of most device/plugin/instrument parameters. (This is something I imagine they'll eventually fine-tune through firmware updates.)

The SQ is great for Pattern editing. And has a LOT of features and usability packed into the Song/Inst/Editor/User buttons.

It's also pretty great in terms of pseudo-keyboard and scale layout. I honestly don't care for the "Piano"-style Keyboard layout with black keys on the top row. The spacing is still too weird to play comfortably like a real keyboard (at least IMO--YMMV). But their Scale Only layout is fantastic if you choose an actual scale (not chromatic), because you can get roughly 4.2 octaves that way across the total range of 32 pads. And with a pentatonic scale you can 6.1 octaves!

It's too bad that scale support in Studio One is so lacking, though. It's incredibly barebones. No Lydian or Locrian? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? :thumbdown: No common exotic scales? :thumbdown:

Basically, it's great in every way except one: The pad sensitivity to Note ON and Note OFF is currently whack and has been since launch. Double-triggering is frequent and nasty if you aren't a heavy hitter who mashes the pads precisely and hit like a Gorilla.

However, they ARE working to fix those problems. I'm confident that eventually, when these problems are addressed, this will be one of the better controllers out there, especially for Studio One.

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by edmisik on Sun Nov 08, 2020 7:36 pm

I think I;'ll just stay w. what I have. Maybe revisit if/when they fix things. I wish they wouldnt have added the scales feature at all..or better yet just be able to disable it, because it's messed up how I was using Atom Pad with Komplete Kontrol and Scaler2. There are excellent/better vst's to use scales arp chords than the Studio One way...I think they should stick to DAW stuff
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by edmisik on Sat Dec 12, 2020 4:15 pm
I;m happily responding to my own thread as I;ve found a great solution. Just as well this gets buried into this thread as it rails against Studio One.

I struggled w. the Atom pad since day one because of its many limitations and glad I didnt go for the SQ.....why? Because there is Novation Launchpad x. This thing works with almost anything except for Studio One. I can even plug it into a Chromebook and noodle. It also very easily customizes so I can play my Maschine drum kits properly and if I prefer to use Komplete Kontrol scales and Scaler 2 scales over the scales StudioOne/Atom pad inflicts upon us (who wouldnt) it does that as well..highlighting the correct pads....you can also turn off the lights,...what a concept.

There is no script for Launchpad in Studio One which would make it a real programming challenge and that also turned into good news because I was having fun using Ableton Session mode anyway and Launchpad is quite a complement to that. Also Ableton has a majour up date coming early next year. mpe and stuff like that

A big part of this was the attitude of TechSupport and Cust Svc at Presonus..an arrogant/smug/unfriendly lot they are. Never once was of help in any of the few support tickets I presented them with, when my issues were fixable...They even bilked me out of 50 bucks because of their inflexibility and lack or reasonably good cust svc. They blamed everything but their own stuff and even accused me of not knowing anything about pc's (I;ve been using them since floppy disk days and dial up networking).....Thankfully I do know about pc's and was able to figure stuff out on my own...as much as could be fixed. So goodbye and good riddance Presonus/Studio One...your DAW is pretty though..I;ll give you that.

So AtomPad is going up for sale on Reverb or the Bay if someone wants it...peace out..onward and upward
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by reggie1979beatz on Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:00 pm
So for me, I'm sticking with Studio One and looked into the SQ.

I had an ATOM and was put off by a couple of things. Like the SLOW knob response (some old posts around here with me complaining about it) and the usual pad suspects like Baphometricks listed somewhere, you have to bash them. Very annoying.

I didn't get the repeats so many have gotten. The one thing I miss is the quick lock for fixed triggering, this was indeed highly useful for many things (arpeggios, loops in impact or sample one, etc)

I wasn't originally interested in the SQ but the pads are bigger than I thought (just saw a viddy) So I'm fencing it. The launchpad isn't compatible? Well, that was a question on the other thread so I guess not.

Frankly, other than my M-audio TFP, (and maybe machine) I hate pads for finger drumming :lol:

Studio One 4.x (still) and 5.x now, Win 10, I4770K (no OC), 16GB, RME Babyface Pro and tons of plugs.

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