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Note Repeat isn't recording in time in Logic Pro X

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:50 pm
by earlbrackett2
This beats the band...when trying to record say a Hi-Hat for example, using the Note Repeat function on ATOM in Logic Pro X, the notes are not recorded in time. It can barely do 8 beats before it starts to gradually run ahead...I thought I was hallucinating so I went into Studio One v4 to verify it's status, and all was well at all note values. Very Strange issue...I'm not impressed with anything about the ATOM and I'm ready to send it back and just go ahead with a Maschine mkIII. Very disappointed with the ATOM, it seems like a pain in the bleep and I cannot play the pads in time to save me's just a buggy POS. :evil:

OS X 10.13.6
Logic Pro X 10.4.3
Studio One V4.1.1