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Tempo Mapping with Melodyne 4.0 Series

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:41 pm
by jpettit
Tempo Mapping with Melodyne 4.0

By Jeff Pettit - Mustardseedrecording

Well after five years of waiting I can finally say "tempo mapping for Studio One is here!"
Here is a quick demonstration of this amazing new capability made possible through Melodyne's new feature, ARA and Studio One's timeline.
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b]Here is a PDF Tempo mapping manual to get you started.[/b]

NOTE: Fundamental Change in opening the Tempo Editor in 4.1
Tempo and tempo adjustment with ARA integration

“Assign File Tempo”: If you think Melodyne has slipped up in its detection of the file tempo, with this command you can open the Tempo Editor in Assign Tempo Mode and correct the tempo manually. Typical application: Your file consists of a vocal take containing many pauses during which Melodyne can find nothing upon which to base its file detection and as a result, if only in places, gets the tempo wrong. Through tempo assignment you can lend Melodyne a hand, so to speak, to ensure that any subsequent time-stretching proceeds upon the basis of accurate values and delivers musically appropriate results.

This is but a quick demonstration and more detailed free training that will be available soon.
I Plan to cover:
1) Basic Studio One set up for tempo mapping NEW ADDED TOTORIAL
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2) Getting around Melodyne 4 Tempo editor
3) How to accurately set the first beat and confirming time signature
4) Fine tuning the results of Melodyne's auto-generated tempo map
5) Dealing with changes in time signature and complete gaps in tempo
6) Using Melodyne's free-form tempo editing to draw difficult tempo line draggable to Studio One's timeline.

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Advance Melodyne 4 Tempo Mapping in Studio One
1) Recap of basic setup and tempo editing commands
2) Deep dive edit on a challenging map
3) Tempo mapping multi-track songs
4) Tempo mapping a MIDI track
------------------------------------ Celemony ----------------------------
Here is Celemony founder Peter Neubäcker describing this new state of art algorithm for finding tempo.
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Celemony's introduction to the tempo editor.
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TIP: Inserting and Editing Time Signatures
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Tip: Assigning tempo
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Tip: Working with off beats
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Tip: Metronome slippage
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Tip: Fixing Intros and Endings
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