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Studio One Melodyne Training Series
First posted on December 15th 2011

By Jeff Pettit - Mustardseedrecording http://www.mustardseedrecording.com/

Merry Christmas! Please find over an hour of FREE Studio One/ Melodyne advance training

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Studio One Melodyne Training (Part 1)
• Audio Random Access (optimal integration)
• Introduction
• Basic navigation commands (optimal workflow)
• Advance Pitch Corrections Techniques (not macro)
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Studio One Melodyne Training (Part 2)
• Melodyne Vocal Guide Tracks
• Melodyne as a Vocal Guide Track
• Decomposing and Recomposing a Vocal Harmonies*
• Polyphonic detection (cleanup)
• Cleaning up MDI data to use as a guide
• Timing adjustments
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Studio One Melodyne Training (Part 3)
• Two Approaches to using Melodyne to Create Harmonization's
• Within a Track*
• Separate Tracks
• Understanding the relationship between S1 Event and Melodyne’s working file
• Melodyne edits are linked to the Event (default)
• How to break the link
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Studio One Melodyne Training (Part 4)
• Melodyne Meta Data
• Tempo Mapping With Melodyne
• MIDI Augmentation and Notation
• Loops changing (pitch, feel, tempo, chords*)
• Perfectly tuned guitars*
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Studio One Melodyne Training (Part 5)
• Melodyne V2 with Studio One V2
• Editing Timing
• Synchronizing Back up Vocals
• ARA (better cursor syncing)
• Time Handles
• Attack Speed
• Changing Loop Sounds
• Drum loops (attack, sustain)
• Overview of Changes
• Tuning (Japan, Indian and China and other non-western scales)
• Rewire (32 and 64 bit)
• Other Enhancements
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Thanks to Stefan Lindlahr from Celemony, and Johnny (themuzic) and Bill Edstrom (bedstrom) from this forum for reviewing it.
Happy Holidays to the Presonus Forum!

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