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[url][/url]I performed the software update to Q2626. After the update UC let me know there was a firmware update. I performed that as well. Upon plugging in power and Tbolt cable I got blue blinking light. I did allow the install in the privacy and security window when it popped up. I restarted the computer and the blinking blue light was still present. I re-installed the update to Q2626 and noticed that at the last step the blue light was solid and the Q2626 appears in UC along with the successful installation message and the RESTART button. I have full functionality with Logic Pro and all other audio apps. I push the Restart button as prompted and when the computer restarts the blue blinking light is back and Q2626 does not show up in UC. I have tried to force quit the install at the last step prompting the RESTART and the Q2626 works fine until I start the computer up again. I have tried uninstalling the hardware and even installing the previous update all with the same result. It is not the cable because the Q2626 functions fine in all aspects until I hit the RESTART button. I cannot believe that I have to do the installation up to the point of hitting the RESTART button every time I turn on my computer. I looked at similar post but did not find my situation. Any help is appreciated.

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2019 Intel Mac Big Sur 11.4 Logic Pro 10.6.2 Quantum2626 Firmware 1.3-91 UC v3.5.0.64605 Faderport Firmware v3.44
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by ranuiwilson on Sun Jun 06, 2021 10:11 pm
Anychance you have found a fix for this.. Mine is doing exactly the same thing

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