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Quantum 2626 Firmware Update to 1.3-91

Posted: Sun May 16, 2021 12:32 pm
by jeffclark
Hey All,

Does anyone know where I can find the change log on this update? I am just curious if it addressed anything like that WDM driver issue.


Re: Quantum 2626 Firmware Update to 1.3-91

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:42 pm
by walkintheseshoes

This is what i've found in regards to Quantum series

Universal Control 3.5 Milestone Release Notes 5/4/2021
Version Information:
● Universal Control (Mac/PC) - v3.5.0.64605
● UC Surface (iOS/Android) - v3.5.0.64605
● QMix-UC (iOS/Android) - v3.1.0.54974
● Capture (Mac/PC) - v3.0.4.63149
● Revelator firmware - v1.31
● ATOM SQ firmware - v1.16
Supported OS Versions:
● OS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra) or later
● Windows 10 (x64) v1709 or later
● Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later
● iOS 10 or later
New In This Release:
● Ability to Store and Recall Scenes on a computer connected to Revelator
● Ability to Import and Export Scenes on a computer connected to Revelator
● Ability to Import and Export Presets on a computer connected to Revelator
● Adds the ability to delay (sync) audio output to Revelator
● Adds the ability for software control for the headphone volume and monitor blend of Revelator
Fixed In This Release:
● Updates the preset save icon
● Improved layout for channel strip and reverb controls
Quantum Series Interfaces
● Clock Sync now working as expected on Big Sur
● Quantum now shows as an audio device on Big Sur
● Issue where LEDs would not light up correctly after disconnecting and reconnecting during a
Studio One session.
● Other minor issue fixes for 16-velocity mode and editor mode.
Known Issues:
UC Surface
● Copy, Delete, & Rename Local Scenes for Cascaded AI mixers not functioning as expected
AI/RM Mixers
● Fat Channel Reset Button Does Not Reset the HPF (or LPF)
● FX issues with Cascaded RM/RML mixers
○ UC Surface and CS18 not controlling some of Slave mixer’s FX Bus settings (volume,
mute, Pre/Post)
● FX Preset list does not update automatically when selecting FX Busses (must exit FX and return
to update preset list)
● FX Bus Master is missing HPF control
● Auxiliary Firewire Input 52 driver label is incorrect● Users on OS X 10.8.5 may experience a firewire driver installation issue (to be fixed in UC 2.5)
● Solo level missing from Settings page
● Channel Type and Channel Color not persistent or shared across clients
○ Not implemented in firmware yet
Series III DAW Mode
● When viewing a send or cue mix, send labels should be placed in the scribble strips
● Incorrect preamp gain range on mixer display when using TRS inputs
● Meters don't match between DAW mode and Mixer mode
● Channel parameters may not populate in Fat Channel after opening song
● Series III Automation Control: Bypass Button Not Present
● Newly added Plugin not automatically selected and controls not on FatCh Encoder section if
another Plugin wasn't already selected when adding the new Plugin
● Talkback Button Does Not Light Up In UCS When Engaged From S1
● Channel Input Does Not Have Selection For "None"
● Unity Fader Value Is Not Accurate
● There Is No Way To Remove A Channel Insert
● Write Select Channel Should Turn Red Like FaderPort 8 & 16
● Pressing Inputs layer button should open Inputs section in S1 Console
● Adding Send while viewing Sends view doesn't update fader level
● Select Buttons For Multi-Channel Instrument Outputs Do Not Light Up
● On Big Sur 11.2, control of Logic or other DAWs via MIDI
● On Big Sur 11.2 scribble strip displays render incorrectly
FaderPort 8 and 16
● A restart of Pro Tools and FaderPort may be required if the FaderPort loses power when using
Pro Tools
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