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Hi there,

I'm a new Quantum 2626 owner and was wondering if there is a way to route my PS4's audio through my Quantum 2626 via their respective Optical In/Out.

This is obviously not why I purchased the Quantum, so I won't be disappointed if it doesn't work because it will still be a great interface that I bought to make music with - not play video games through. However, if it is possible - it'd be great to integrate it and cut out some unneeded hardware.

If you know that this is not possible, but have a good compromise, I'd be interested to hear any suggested workarounds. Right now, I have my PS4 going into a small DAC that feeds into my powered monitors. That DAC has some considerable noise though - so if anyone has further suggestions, I'm an open book!

A couple notes:

1. Not looking to use this if you have to have a DAW open for it to work at all times.
2. Don't burn me, I'm not an expert.

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