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Many thanks to Presonus tech team in creating the new driver for this game changing Silicon processor, as many of us have read, it was no easy task and Presonus is the first or one of the first to make it happen in the world of thunderbolt interface.
All I can say is set aside at least an hour to get the system set up because this is all new even for apple, whom I spent over an hour on the phone to get things working.
Read the Quantum 2626 manual thoroughly and do just what it says. If you have 2 displays, disconnect the 2nd one until your finished with set up.
If I can help any of you let me know.
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by onewave on Thu Mar 25, 2021 10:29 pm
Thanks for posting your positive feedback on your success with installing the new drivers for M1 Mac! I was so excited this morning when checking for Presonus claim to Early 2021 updates for M1 drivers!

I will be installing the driver/firmware on my Quantum 4848 tomorrow when my new MacBook Pro M1 arrives.

It's appalling how many complaints are surrounding companies like Presonus and Focusrite to update their drivers. Rightfully so Presonus said they would update, but people don't take into consideration how difficult that process is, especially with new technology. More seasoned and studied users know that it is Worth The Wait to make sure everything is accounted for when the Firmware and Drivers get implemented into the System !!! It's always a good idea to do make sure you get the entire procedure correct when setting up your Operating System to accommodate the proper sequence of installation, something that many new enthusiasts may not be familiar with, for instance:

Many Years ago I bought the Firestudio 2626 (in mid 2007) and back then there was a tremendous problem with getting Proper Firmware installed on the Firestudio and other devices. I ended up calling presonus and arranging them to do the firmware update. Thankfully they were faithful and did a good job with the firmware and I still have that interface after all these years, it still works great!

Anyways, greatly looking forward to getting the new computer up and running with Quantum 4848 in Big Sur on the M1 !
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by rodneyhareid on Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:35 am
I am finally able to use my 2626 with my m1. The universal control doesn’t seem complete. Can’t find input and output options. I can hear and control music from the computer. I can’t hear anything from the outputs. It also has crashed my computer twice. Do I need to reinstall the universal control?
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by timmorris on Wed Jun 23, 2021 12:25 pm
A bit late to this party.....I have the M1 mini and Im about to try the Quantum 2626 TB3....this will work ok now right ?

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