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1. I currently have a Motu 8pre, will this be able to connect and be used by the quantum via adat?

2. Does any one miss or regret that the Quantum doesn't have any onboard DSP or cuemix? Would the Studio 192 be more reliable for zero latency monitoring?

3. My Lenovo P73 laptop has thunderbolt 3, has this been an issue? i currently have an apple thunderbolt 3 to 2, then a thunderbolt 2 to firewire in order to use the motu 8pre, and this has been fine.

4. Ultimatly I would like to have a Quantum with a DP88 and an ioStation24c, with the motu 8pre in there as well. OR should i just get a StudioLive 32SC. It would all work out to about the same amount of money. I am more than happy to work in the box and/or using the remote control app. So physical faders are not a make or break for me. I do tend to lean to a more minimalist approach to what is on my desk, which the SL mixer would not be in alignment with. Any thoughts on the two options would be appreciated.


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by jeremyradawiec on Sat May 30, 2020 1:22 pm

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