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Hello, I recently purchased the Quantum 26x32 to use w/ProTools, as I'm setting it up and adding the hardware inserts, I'm finding the I/O channels in PT don't match the actual channels on the quantum.

Example: I have an external Lexicon wired to the Quantum in stereo to inputs/outputs 5-6 - In every other DAW (including Studio One) it functions as it should, as an AUX bus, Pipeline insert, FX Channel etc. - BUT, in PT, the PT I/O Hardware inserts setup sees the Lexicon hooked up to 7-8, NOT 5-6, as it is in real life :)

Pilot error on my behalf maybe? Or is this a bug?

First post by the way - Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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by UntilTheBones on Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:33 am
FYI for anyone else possibly experiencing this issue with ProTools (2019) specifically, I did hear back from Presonus fairly quickly via a support ticket (THANK YOU).

From Technical Support:
"...there is an offset with the alignment. No pilot error on your behalf, the issue is indeed with Pro Tools only."


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