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I installed a ASU’s Thunderboltex 4 card in my PC and bought the Quantum 2626 interface.

The Quantum started up and synced to my PC, but only if I hade the Quantum powered and started the PC. Otherwise it just blinked blue and red. I was running it for 5minutes then it just dropped out. And now it is only blinking blue and red, and it is not possible to have it synced again.
TB card see the interface and state that it is connected.

I have tried different TB BIOS setting but without success.
I have a Apple TB pro 3m cable. Could the length of the cable be a problem?

I really need a fast low latency interface, and is not in need of any dsp based interface.

Anyone with similar problems?

Thanks in advance🙏

If I can’t find a solution I will need to send this back.

Best regards
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by nicklasandersson on Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:31 pm

I found the fault for my setup.

For some reason there was a change in the settings in Universal control program.

Clock source was not longer set to Internal, if I remember correct it was changed to SPDIF.

I changed it back to Internal, and then everything worked.

The only thing left to solve is that when power is shut of on the quantum, or if the computer going to power save mode, then the connection/sync is gone.

Only a restart of the computer gives it back.

Otherwise this interface is great, good sound and low latency.

/Nicklas :punk:

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