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Hi everyone,

Looks like I'm not the only with a similar issue but tried some of the fixes I saw and couldn't sort this out.

I just bought the Quantum. Spent a few days to get it to work with my Windows 10 PC and now this is working just fine. I have sounds coming out of my PC out of the Main Out on the Quantum.

My problem is with external inputs. I have a Subharmonicon on inputs 5/6 (through a TC Electronics M100) and an OB-6 on inputs 3/4. The VU meters are showing signal, I also see signal coming in UC. But for some reason, I can get any sound out of the Quantum through the Main Outs.

Not sure if I'm missing something on how to properly route sound in the Quantum but I'm stuck...
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by patricebrousseau on Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:43 pm
The Quantum doesn’t have any internal mixer so you have to use a DAW software to use ASIO or CoreAudio. Only way to route inputs to outputs.

In my case (MacOS), I use AULab as a simple in/out mixer (when I just want to monitor inputs without recording or for simple practicing). Maybe something like this exists on the Windows side without needing to fire a full fledged DAW software…

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