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Hi, After searching why the quantum wasn't recognized by my thunderbolt 3 port I found here why , thanks to Jarrod Brooks and download link he provided on is post :
http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads ... 729/page-7

(TB need a Firmware update) but Clevo and Intel don't offer any support for that...So you can find here how to do it , but beware! its a long and tedious procedure that maybe wont work at the first try, and it's risky, you can brick the motherboard!!! Any mistakes and your PC is dead, so I don't take any responsibility if you brick your machine, do that only if you are sure of what you do, if not ask a PC technician for the job!

Now I cant tell you the steps I made with my machine:
I only used "File 003 FwUpdate.exe, File 004 and File 005, provided by Jarrod on his download link)

1: Ask the shop where you bought your PC to provide you the Latest BIOS and EC Firmware, Don't take the risk to use BIOS or EC flash tools that wont be right for your hardware there is nor return if you brick the motherboard!!!
Follow the instructions provided for flashing the BIOS and EC.
when is done check In your BIOS if the update worked.
2: Be sure thunderbolt is ON in your Bios, whith Security legacy mode or no security. Boot and disconnect your antivirus, Launch FwUpdate.exe on file 003 (only that!). In my case then I launched File 005 FwUpdate.exe with administrative rights and flashed the TB firmware, then I installed the driver provided on File 004 and then restarted the PC.
3: I connected the quantum, but no success, so I opened the devices manager checked the system devices with show hidden devices and found the fake driver to make possible the firmware update and uninstalled. Then I flashed the EC once more. When I rebooted the Quantum was blinking Blue :-)!
4: Change the TB security level on whatever you like!

Good luck!

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