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Im a photographer by trade and started doing some tutorials, videos, and voice-over work.

This requires some basic editing (in Adobe Audition) and recording. Both on location and at my desktop.

I recently got introduced to Studio one 4 Artist because i bought the Faderport 2018.

So more for fun i want to make some beats in Studio One 4, so i got the Atom as well.

Now to my questions :-)

My current interface is a Zoom Tac-2 (im on Mac with thunderbolt 2 ports) which works ok, but neither preamps and A/D are that great, and there is no integration with Studio One 4.

So i'v been lookin to get the Quantum 2 instead, Since i already have the Faderport 2018 and soon Atom it seems like it would intregrate well with the rest of my gear but more importantly with Studio One 4.

So my questions is the Quantum 2 a big enough step to take over the Zoom Tac-2 ? I also checked out the 192 mobile USB interface which seems to be the USB counterpart and it looks good as well. But since i have TB2 i thought the best route is to go with the fastest interface ?

Again any input advice would be most welcome.

Thank you!
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by paullindqvist1 on Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:18 pm
Well to answer my own questions.. :-)

I got the Quantum 2 today and it's a joy to use!

The pre-amsp and DAC are certainly on another level compared to the Zoom Tac-2.

Really happy with the integration in Studio one 4 aswell!
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by nevfox on Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:59 am
hi there, i just bought a used zoom tac-2 on ebay & received it today after installing drivers etc from zoom... but when i opened a blank studio one 4 song, i added an audio channel which my active guitar was plugged into then inserted ampire i was getting 2 signals... one signal was the immediate clean/direct signal & the other was a delayed ampire effected signal, any ideas on how to rectify it? cheers

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