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Hi Everyone! I've had my Quantum 2 up and running on my PC now for a couple months and everything is working really well, the latency is super low, sometimes even below 1ms at 48k ( reported through studio one anyways. Anyways, I decided to order an ART MPA ii digital to help fatten up some di guitar tracks before going through amplitube and maybe even use it on some vocal tracks when I find someone down the road, I read some stuff about word clock, spdif, the standard ins and outs and a few other things and was thinking about running the output via spdif through the spdif on the input, has anyone tried this before? I also ordered a bnc cable just in case too, just curious for some tips to get good seamless integration :punk:
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by Jim Roseberry on Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:02 pm
You may want to just run the Art into the Quantum via analog connections.
I'd expect the A/D and clock in Quantum to be a little better.

If you use the Art's S/PDIF output, the Art has to be the word-clock Master.
The easiest way to connect would be to connect a single coax S/PDIF cable (Art S/PDIF out to Quantum S/PDIF in)... and set the Quantum to look to its S/PDIF input for word-clock.

I'd expect the digital clock on the Quantum to be a little better than the one on the Art.
There are a couple of different ways to Make the Quantum the word-clock Master:
    Connect Quantum's BNC word-clock output to the Art's BNC word-clock input - Art set to lock to BNC for sync
    Connect one of Quantum's Lightpipe Outputs to the Art's Lightpipe Input - Art set to look to Lightpipe for sync

Best Regards,
Jim Roseberry

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