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Hey guys!

I'm interested to know what are the other obvious differences btw both the Studio 192 vs the Quantum aside that one has Thunderbolt connectivity & Midi In& out ????

Because i'm planning to buy a new soundcard and I'm in the middle of either buying an Antelope soundcard (as I had one before the Zen Studio first gen, sold it because I knew that natelope screwed people up with their promises of FPGA FX etc... and now the new lines do support all the goodies FX and much more). Second, I can either go back to my beloved, favorite & trustworthy soundcard company builder RME) or decide to take the jump and embrace everything PRESONUS.

To be honest i'd like to go Presonus all the way but I'm concerned for one very specific thing:

Lately i've been recording the Vocals of the upcoming album of Celine Dion's brother, and during the process, he used ProTools but as he hired me to do the job and i'm a Studio One user and after seeing him struggle a bit with ProTools, I suggested him or introduced him to Studio One and all its Eco System. So matter fact, I got him convert to Presonus and he bought S1 + Presonus STudio 192 Mobile (smallest version of 192 studio).

So, I setting him up his hybrid studio to be able to track at his place because they didn't want to go and record at big studios down town etc.. they needed to be at their comfort zone etc..

That being said, one thing I noticed with the Mobile 192 is that everytime we would want to play a song or playback something through his studio monitor, I noticed that in order to really hear what was coming through his monitors, I had to bring the Main volume of the Mobile 192 all the way up in the Middle or a little notch more on the right side. And that really turned me off because I was like, with other Soundcards that I experienced, I mean, just by bringing the Main VOL to 10 O'oclok I was good, I had a good start listening. But not with the Mob 192.

So my question is: Is the big brothers the same in terms of Volume Main JUICE???

And last question for those of you who happened to either Beta test the 192 vs Quantum, aside the features I've mentioned above, is the 192 studio will perform the same in terms of latency as we all know the Quantum was built with the mindset of the new Features of Studio One 3.5 if i'm not mistaking regarding "LATENCY" or to answer the "latency" problems that often we stumbled into.

So i'm asking this because, in my Windows 7 64 bit system right now I don't have Thunderbolt connection & I've read that Win7 does NOT really support Tunderbolt. So it would be useless for me to buy the QUANTUM.
Unless if someone in the developers side would be kind enough to send me a PM to let me know if there's a QUANTUM coming out soon with both Thunderbolt & USB3. Then I might wait for it.

Either way, I mostly need to know about the "Main Volume" point i've brought here and any others

Much appreciated folks



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by rguitar78 on Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:02 am
I just upgraded from a 192 Mobile to the Quantum and I'd say the volume is a bit louder but not by much. I get the knob up to about 11 O'Clock. I'd suggest you go through setting the levels on your speakers in order to get the "10 O'Clock is plenty" setting you desire.

Regarding latency, I get standard monitoring latency of 4.33ms Audio Roundtrip and 2.92ms Instrument with 128 sample block size and low (128 sample) dropout protection @ 24-bit/96kHz. This is without the low-latency Z. I would say that playing guitar through the interface feels more immediate compared to any combination of settings with the 192 Mobile on Studio One 3.5. Of course, your mileage may vary.

As for differences between the 192 Mobile and Quantum, I'd include:
1. The headphone amp is more powerful (175mW vs 150mW).
2. Mute button on the interface (no bleed compared to when the volume knob is all the way down).
3. Dedicated inst level button for front inputs.
4. Streamlined Universal Control layout.

If you want a Quantum, you're going to need Windows 10 or a Mac. Windows 7 doesn't have support for Thunderbolt and making a USB3 or 3.1 Gen2 version would not result in the same latency benefits.

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