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This new Quantum looks really nice. I would like to see Presonus continue to go after Avid and make great products like Digidesign use to. Presonus has a great thing going with low latency DSP in their interfaces. I would love to see Presonus make an interface like the Digi 003 console. The Quantum interface I/O features, combined with the FaderPort 8 control surface, and the StudioLive CS18AI metering, or even just a 3 or 4 segment meter like on the StudioLive Series III for the analog in's AND out's (Switchable between in and out). Use the Thunderbolt connection and allow daisy chaining of up to 3 Quantum's with it. Maybe an add on fader pack, like how Mackie does it with the MCU.

The Fader 192... or The Quantum Fader.
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by MY on Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:18 am
As I reaaaaally reaaaally would love to see Presonus release a USB 3.1 (compatible to usb 3 and 2) version of QUANTUM. Might as well, while its USB3.1, add Dante support etc... but no Thuderbolt as there's already one.

I think it would nice move, what you guys think a USB version???

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