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Hi There,
New to the forum, but I have had a continuous problem with clicking and popping using the Presonus Live Drivers on my system.
I7-9700K unlocked
32 gb Ram
I can eliminate the problem by switching the driver to the Windows Audio driver.
As a computer technician I have tried all the basic fixes within windows to fix the problem, but nothing works.
Should I just be happy with using the Windows Audio drivers? Or start looking for another interface?
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by andreasmller1 on Thu Feb 02, 2023 1:40 am
did you solve this problem and if yes how? If have exact the same problem, the CPU is an I7-12700K. Windows Audio works fine but using the Studio 6/8 driver in Studio One has the clicking and popping as you describe.
If anyone else has an idea please let me know. Thanks!

Windows 11 (64 Bit), Studio One Professional 5.5.2 (64 Bit), i7-12700K, 64GB RAM, Geforce RTX 3080

2 posts
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