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Issue with 1824c UC mixer bypass since update

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2021 4:21 pm
by jmorrisondgd
I'm having issues with UC mixer bypass randomly resetting and the way I have hardware connected and use pipeline it cause major feedback loop.
I had an issue with a previous update that would cause a one second dropout exactly every 30 minutes, problem with finding that issue is I had to have music playing 30 minutes without stopping since if the dropout occurred while I had pressed stop it would be another 30 minutes before it would happen again so I didn't get drop outs very often but when I did I blamed a new windows update and went thru every possible thing I could possibly do until running latencymon with music playing for 30 minutes since it would show everything perfect for 29 minutes after I found that issue and figured out it wasn't windows the only other thing was a update to UC driver. Rolled back and everything has been fine since.....until once again a Windows update and a UC update has started this latest bug. As bad as the dropouts was to deal with this is worse seeing how it causes feedback loop thru monitors headphones and my EARS.
Just wondering if anyone else is or has experienced this and if so did you just completely stop update UC? I haven't updated the last ones but finally did and the dropout every 30 minutes is gone but now this.