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How do you "disconnect" the Main Mix from the 3-4 Cue Mix? 1810 interface

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:49 am
by GMHague
Hey everyone, I'm creating a Cue Mix through the Headphone 2 output, which is by default outputs 3-4, and it gets fed by the Main Outs too unless I mute them in the Main Mix window (the actual Channel Mutes). But that's no good to me, because I'm listening to the Main Mix, while my singer needs the Cue Mix. I've tried everything to separate the two, but that Main Mix always goes into the Cue Mix. How can I separate these?
Unless (it's just occurred to me) that this isn't possible through the Headphone 2 Output -- I have to use the actual 3-4 outputs into a headphone amp?
Thanks for any help.