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I am trying to connect a Korg Kronos to the S/PDIF inputs of the Studio 68c. Unfortunately the Kronos has optical (TOSLINK) S/PDIF output while the Studio 68c has coaxial S/PDIF in/outputs.

So I've bought a converter on Amazon but I'm having no luck getting the audio from the keyboard to show up in the interface.

I know that the Kronos and the converter are working properly in terms of audio, as I have a separate digital to analogue converter which has a headphone jack. When I set up a test as follows:

Kronos optical (TOSLINK) out -> converter -> DAC -> headphones I can hear the audio signal no problem. But when I go into the interface instead of the DAC, no audio makes it to into the interface's inputs somehow.

The interface is set to 48 kHz sample rate, which is the same sample rate as the Kronos (fixed, I believe). I have tried setting both the Kronos to be the master clock and the interface. When the Kronos is set as the master clock there is simply no audio at the interface. When the interface is the master clock, the Kronos gives a "clock error".

Anyone have any experience?

PS: My main motivation for doing this is because I assume that when you monitor the S/PDIF inputs on the Studio 68c, they come through in stereo. At the moment all over the other inputs cannot be linked to stereo pairs. Presonus, PLEASEEE release a firmware update that lets you link 1-2 and 3-4 into stereo pairs for the purposes of using the "monitor" button on the interface!!!!

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