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Recently purchased an Audiobox USB 96 and was not able to have full functionality of the latest Universal Control update UC will recognize the interface, but cannot access the internal features UC is supposed to provide.

After the complete lack of information available online, I figured it might be the interface so I purchased a Studio 24c. Same result.

I was able to find one article that stated OSX Big Sur is not supported by UC yet, which makes sense.

Has anyone found a work around? Other options?

Any information or help is appreciated.
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by coryzuckerman on Wed Jul 07, 2021 6:31 pm
I just got an Mac Pro M1

Having the same issue with my 26c interface. I can’t get the UC to come up when I open up the interface.

Also, it won’t allow me to sign into Presonus from the interface app.

It works great outside of studio one but I studio one it’s as dead as a door nail. Not sure if I should keep the Mac or return it now.

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